Crowd and concert safety design is based on extensive knowledge of fire safety, evacuation planning, contingency plans and risk management. We have handled crowd risk assessment, evacuation and response management for all the major concerts held in Iceland in recent years; Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Justin Timberlake, Rammstein and many other events.
  • Crowd risk management
  • Crowd risk management
  • Evacuation and ingress modelling
  • Response and evacuation plans
  • Venue safety and occupant capacity calculations
  • Security threat assessments and mitigation
  • Event safety management (on site)
Crowd risk management
Each event presents its own unique challenge with its own crowd related risks. These risks must be analyzed and managed to secure safety and continuity of the event.  

ÖRUGG uses proven methodology based on the ISO 31000 standard, combined with extensive experience in the field of event safety. Our approach also includes resilience management to account for uncertainties in the event dynamics and uncertainties of the hazards. Our crowd risk management methodology takes into consideration all stages of crowd movement: Firstly, the arrival on site, entry and queuing. Secondly, the showtime and intermission period, and thirdly the egress. This is done for both normal and emergency conditions, supporting the on-site emergency management.
Response and evacuation plans
ÖRUGG has produced response and evacuation plans for many different types of venues and events, including concerts, exhibitions, shopping malls, sports venues etc. A response and evacuation plan defines the whole process from the initial detection of a possible hazard, local response and cooperation with external first responders. Different roles are defined in the plan as well as the role of the emergency team and the necessary functions of technical systems . This ensures an effective response during a hazard, which limits the associated risk.
Crowd movement analysis
By performing crowd movement simulations using 3D computational models, it is possible to design the layout in a performance-based manner. Evacuation times, crowd movement, bottlenecks etc. can be visualized clearly. It is possible to synchronize smoke spread simulations and evacuation simulations, to demonstrate safe evacuation clearly.

ÖRUGG uses crowd simulation to identify risk areas and reduce congestion. This process enables the appraisal of different design options and appropriate mitigations.  
Security threat assessment
ÖRUGG conducts assessment of relevant security threats in Iceland for international artists. We work with artist’s security team and provide information of local risk related to the venue and the event as a whole.  We understand the importance of thorough and effective event security, and pride ourselves in high quality planning and delivery.  

Our goal is to ensure the safety and contingency of the event as well as securing other objectives such as the reputation, working collaboratively with external stakeholders for the best possible results.