ÖRUGG Consulting Engineers is founded on over 70 years of experience in fire safety engineering in Iceland and in the Nordic countries. We create solutions in balance with other disciplines but with constant design innovation. We rise to the challenges posed by all types of structures, large and small, with advanced fire engineering.
  • Fire safety engineering
  • Fire technical calculations including CFD
  • Review of fire safety
  • Evacuation calculations
  • Analytical dimensioning
  • Fire safety of Load-bearing constructions
  • Inspection of fire safety
  • Fire safety during the build
Fire and smoke simulations
The simulation of fire and smoke spread in 3D computational models allows designers to demonstrate the performance of designed fire safety measures. Such calculations allow for detailed analysis of fire spread within buildings or between different buildings, calculating the heat load for structural elements and evaluating the performance of smoke ventilation or other fire safety measures. This allows designers to maximize flexibility for other design disciplines and choice of materials, limit cost and ensure the safety of people. ÖRUGG specialises in this field and utilises state-of-the-art knowledge and software.
Evacuation analysis
By performing evacuation simulations using 3D computational models, it is possible to design escape routes is a performance-based manner. Evacuation times, crowd movement, bottlenecks etc. can be visualised clearly. It is possible to synchronise smoke spread simulations and evacuation simulations, to demonstrate safe evacuation clearly. ÖRUGG specialises in this field and utilises state-of-the-art knowledge and software.
Structural fire design
ÖRUGG specialises in structural fire design. Structural fire protection is an important safety measure in buildings and a significant cost factor for various types of structural systems, such as steel structures. A detailed analysis of the effects of fire on structures can often lead to significant cost savings by considering structural behaviour in fire and other conditions, such as fire load and utilization of steel strength. At the same time, the level of safety is demonstrated more clearly, and often safety can be increased from what prescriptive solutions would require.
Fire safety design of ventilation systems
It is important that the design of ventilation systems ensures that the integrity of fire compartments is not reduced and that the systems do not induce the spread of smoke beyond what is deemed acceptable. There are many different means of achieving this performance requirement, and it is important that the chosen solution is appropriate for the relevant system so that safety and cost efficiency are ensured. ÖRUGG assists ventilation designers in implementing fire safety solutions for ventilation systems based on state-of-the-art knowledge and software available for the field.
Fire safety inspections
ÖRUGG carries out fire safety inspections of buildings. The main focus is on issues affecting the safety of people, but inspections can also unveil possibilities for improvement regarding property protection or business continuity. ÖRUGG produces cost estimates and a time schedule for the necessary refurbishment, in coordination with the client.
AHJ´s safety inspection
ÖRUGG offers consultation regarding AHJ’s (Authority having jurisdiction) safety inspections of buildings. Before a building is put into use, it is required that it satisfies relevant fire safety and general safety requirements. If the safety measures of the building are not fully completed, it shall be demonstrated that relevant measures have been undertaken to satisfy adequate safety for a limited period until all safety measures are completed.
Fire safety inspection plan
ÖRUGG produces fire safety inspection plans for big and small companies. According to Icelandic regulations, the owner or other responsible representative of a building is required to implement a fire safety inspection plan. An effective fire safety inspection plan ensures that safety measures are effective when needed, which increases the safety of people and business continuity. ÖRUGG custom builds fire safety inspection plans according to the client’s needs, extending from a simple checklist up to online systems where many buildings can be managed in one place. This makes it possible for the employees of the relevant company to carry out inspections without external cost.