ÖRUGG is built on decades of experience in design response plans and measures for companies, organizations and NGOs. Numerous evacuation and response plans have been drawn up that take into account necessary activities, knowledge and responsibilities. ÖRUGG has also overseen the implementation of response structure and assistedconducting drills and exercises.
  • Design of response structure
  • Response and evacuation plans
  • Emergency plans
  • Drill design and execution
  • Business continuity plans
Response and evacuation plans
ÖRUGG’s employees have produced response and evacuation plans for many different types of buildings, such as hotels, shopping malls, sports facilities, schools and various industrial operations. A response and evacuation plan defines the whole process from the initial detection of a possible hazard until the first responders arrive. Different roles are defined in the plan and the function of fire detection and alarm systems and other fire safety equipment. This ensures an effective response during a hazard, which limits the associated risk.
Emergency responders plan
ÖRUGG produces emergency responders plans for buildings. The purpose of this is to ensure that the fire responders are informed of important fire safety equipment and the main sources of risk in the relevant building. This ensures an effective response which minimises damage, reduces the risk for people and property and ensures business continuity. This is especially relevant for complicated buildings and where the operations in the building require a specialised response.
Fire brigade consultation
ÖRUGG provides consultation for fire departments and municipalities regarding fire safety plans and the organization and development of fire brigades. ÖRUGG’s approach is that fire safety plans reflect the situation in a realistic manner and define the organization and structure of the fire brigade in the long term, in accordance with the risks that exist in the municipality in question.
ÖRUGG provides consultation regarding security, response and fire safety as part of the process to obtain a BREEAM certification for new and existing buildings. It is important that response and evacuation plans and security risk assessments take into account the requirements of BREEAM to ensure a high score for that category.