Risk analysis lays the foundation for many types of safety design, for people and businesses. ÖRUGG has extensive experience in risk analysis and has a variety of software for both quantitative and qualitative analysis. ÖRUGG can assist with project risk management of larger projects.
  • Technical risk analysis and assessment
  • HAZOP and HAZID analysis
  • Risk management systems
  • Risk from chemical storage and handling
  • Project risk management
  • Fire risk analysis
Explosion analysis
ÖRUGG has specialised knowledge and computational resources and software to analyse explosion risk due to gas, dangerous chemicals and explosives. ÖRUGG has carried out a large number of analyses of the probability of explosion events and possible consequences. ÖRUGG carries out explosion simulations in 3D, which provides important information regarding the consequences and necessary mitigation measures. ÖRUGG offers service in analysis of ATEX zones, storage of dangerous chemicals and the transportation and use of gas.
ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere) compliance
ÖRUGG assists companies to fulfil ATEX requirements, to which compliance is mandatory in Iceland as within the EU, described in ATEX directive 99/92/EC. Explosions can arise from potentially explosive atmospheres due to the presence of hazardous materials like gases, flammable liquid or dust.
Risk Management
ÖRUGG employees have extensive experience in the field of risk analysis, assessment and risk management, whether due to technical systems, fire hazard, transport of hazardous materials, explosion hazard, burglary hazard or environmental hazard. We have also designed risk management systems for companies and project risks. ÖRUGG's specialists have participated in numerous national research projects regarding risk analysis and have been involved in international research projects and are participants in the formulation of international standards in risk management.