BIM methodology improves information management in design projects. One of the main benefits of BIM modeling is increased workflow efficiency and improved understanding of the relationship between space and data. Providing fire safety design in BIM environment improves project coordination and ensures that fire safety is an integral part of the BIM design process. Through years of experience implementing BIM on projects our experts provide high quality BIM services to clients and building designers.
  • Fire and safety design in BIM environment
  • BIM management
  • Identifying BIM needs and desired outcomes
  • Quality and interference check of BIM models
  • Defining BIM deliverables
Fire and safety in BIM
ÖRUGG has developed a workflow for presenting fire safety requirements in a separate, discipline specific BIM model. The model contains information regarding various fire safety aspects, such as fire compartments, location and specification of fire safety equipment and emergency lighting. Other design disciplines have the option to link the fire safety model to their own design models which gives them a better overview of requirements related to fire safety. This workflow allows for a better intergration of fire safety design in the BIM design process.
BIM management
We work with owners, design-, and construction teams on managing BIM projects and developing BIM execution plans. Our approach includes defining the projects needs and desired outcomes, develop the level of detail and responsible party for each information exchange and to define the the project infrastructure required for the design process.
Identifying BIM goals and uses
The procedure of identifying BIM goals and uses focuses on defining the potential value of BIM on the prjoject. The goals can be based on project performanse and include items such as increasing quality, higher field productivity or delivering important operational data for the building. Once measurable goals have been defined then the specific BIM uses on the project are identified, such as design authoring, 3D coordination, quality- and interference checking and development of as-built models.
Quality- and interference check of BIM models
The goal quality- and interference checking is to ensure that BIM models are developed according to the common structure defined by the BIM execution plan and to eliminate major system conflits prior to installation. ÖRUGG possesses powerful software solutions to perform such analyses and share their results with relevant parties.