BCM standard development in the UAE

ÖRUGG Consulting Engineers have been shortlisted for the development of a new business continuity management standard (BCMS) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in cooperation with KPMG in the lower Gulf area.

The National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) is responsible for the project on behalf of the UAE.

The project will include the development of a new version of the UAE national NCEMA 7000-2015 Business Continuity Management Standard and Guidelines, as well as the development of an accompanying auditing scheme. The new standard will include the latest development in business continuity, notably the new ISO 22301:2019 standard. The standard will also set out elements in the business continuity management process which will aid both the private and public sectors, to effectively handle emergencies and crisis and ensure recovery from such situations.

ÖRUGG experts are involved in a large number of projects aimed at ensuring the resilience of businesses and the continuity of vital functions of society.

Bödvar Tomasson, founder of ÖRUGG has been involved in the development of the ISO 22301 standard and related technical standards (TS) in the field of business continuity for the last decade.