New smolt facility in the Westfjords

ÖRUGG is working on the fire technical design of one of the largest private investment projects in the Westfjords, the expansion of Arctic Fish’s smolt facility at Nordurbotn in Tálknafjördur.

The project has an estimated cost of EUR 24 million. The new buildings will be  4,200 square meters with a total of about 7,200 cubic meters of tank space, and will be added to the existing 10,000 square meters and 6,300 cubic meters of tanks. After the expansion, the station’s annual breeding capacity will be about 1,000 tons of smolt, or the equivalent of about five million 200-gram smolts. And from there it should be possible to farm approximately 25,000 tons of salmon.

The company is focused on optimizing solutions for safe and secure operations. ÖRUGG has therefore worked extensively on fire technical analyses, including possible fire scenarios and smoke spread through the facilities. To ensure the continuity of vital functions, a backup power station is also a part of the project, including three 1.4 MW generators.

ÖRUGG is Iceland's largest consultancy within the sphere of safety and security. We have extensive knowledge and experience in specialized fire safety engineering, whether the goal is to ensure the safety of people or fish.